6 Google Homepage Trick Games you like to know

Google is the king of all search engines.You use google everyday but you will not be knowing about these trick games.Google homepage have a lot of tricks which you don’t know.These are the best and free fun tricks by google.

You will get fun by knowing these things and you will be the hero when you are explaining these things to your friends and you can act like you are an expert in using google.Here is the list of top trick games of google homepage.

1. Do a Barrel roll trick 

Do a Barellroll

It is some thing easy trick you can do it very easily.Here are the steps

  • Go to google.com
  • Simply type “do a barrel roll trick” in search box and click the top most result displayed in page it would be like do a barell roll google mirror
  • See the result the page will rotate two times

2. Atari Breakout Trick :

Atari Game Play

You can remember olden days games by playing this atari game.

  • Go to Google Images and type atari breakout game
  • You can play this game by clicking that image

3. Google Sky :

Google Sky

Google can take you to space by using google sky.You can see celestial objects, stars, , galaxies, constellations,planets and the Earth’s moon via Google sky.Come lets try this

  • You can go to google sky from here
  • You will get a lot of information about space who are interested to know.

4. Zerg Rush :

zerg rush

Here is another interesting trick from google .You can try it from Zerg Rush

  • Type zerg rush in google
  • The o, oo, oo’s appears from top of the google and eats google whole page
  • its is very fun to watch that part.

5. elgoog.im


To see this feature simply type elgoog.im From this specific page you can get lot more unknown games of google like

  • You could do search underwater with google
  • Amazing gravity effects
  • Terminal command
  • Classic Pac-Man game with google
  • you can play guitar in google home page.
  • Bing Mirror
  • Play snake game in google search and lot more effects.

6. Recursion :


Recursion means repeating.Search for “recursion” on Google and you will get stuck in an infinite loop much like recursion .  Google will show “did you mean recursion?” every time  searching for recursion . It is a funny thing of google for all coders who understand what is recursion.

6.Tilt Page Trick :

Google Tilt Trick

It is very simple trick just go the google and type tilt in search box.Your google page gets tilted.

You got a chance to destroy homepage.Now what are you waiting for go and explore these tricks and share with your friends.If you know any other tricks please share with us in comments.





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